Athena-Diana Mund R.N R.M DRB. D.H.M (D.Hall) is the Director and Principal Practitioner at Bella Vista Natural Therapies Clinic and has been successfully operating in North Western Sydney since 1998. 

Athena-Diana has spent over thirty years in the health care profession qualifying as a triple-certificate nursing sister with extensive post-graduate experience including Pathology, Paediatrics, Midwifery, Operating Theatre Management, Intensive and Coronary Care. 
It was during Athena-Diana's time working as a research sister in Clinical Pharmacology at Flinders University that she began to feel a strong desire to study Natural Medicine. This desire brought Athena-Diana to Naturopathic Herbalism and opened up a whole new world of possibilities and solutions.

Athena-Diana is the mother of two naturally raised and healthy children.

Athena-Diana graduated from 'The Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine' achieving the award for 'Most Outstanding Student'. 

Athena-Diana Mund is also a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).



If you have persistent health issues, or simply wish to feel fully vital and balanced, we are delighted to introduce another new team member, naturopath and nutritionist Janine Fuller. Janine is a preventative medicine specialist with a strong focus on lifestyle improvements and education to bring about full potential.

After graduating from ACNT with advanced diplomas of nutrition and naturopathy, Janine continued her education in the fields of frequency medicine and genetic profiling.
To establish a precise picture, Janine uses the sophisticated Metatron Golden Dragon machine.

The Metatron looks deeply at all levels of the body including organs, tissue, cells, levels of disease, allergies, food sensitivities, pathogens and bacterium.

In combination with genetic profiling, a full health history and health risk assessment, Janine creates a Personal Healthcare Plan, with treatments and protocols to reverse the development of chronic illnesses and achieve an optimal level of health and wellbeing.




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To support clients in building better health in all aspects of their being.
— Diana Mund on the Mission Statement of Bella Vista Natural Therapies