Fitgenes Genetic Profiles

 We work with three different profiles:

Our Health and Wellbeing profile report offers a detailed analysis of your genetic footprint and can tell you the areas of your health that can be improved based on your genetics to help our overall wellbeing treatment that is tailored to you.

The Carb Choice profile is a personalised genetic profile report of the AMY1 gene CNV, which determines how effectively you metabolise starch from carbohydrates. Your genes know how well your body can metabolise and tolerate starch in carbohydrates. Our CarbChoice profile report is the genetic analysis at the heart of a program designed by us to meet your individual needs. This is especially effective for diabetics and people wanting to lose weight.

Vitamin D Receptors profile – found in almost all cells, a key influence on bone health, immunity, skin and the nervous system.

23andMe Report Interpretation. Do you have a 23andMe genetic profile report and want to know what the results mean? Learn what genetic profiling means for your health and wellbeing and how to use it for designing personalised interventions to address individual health goals.

To Support Our Clients In Building Better Health In All Aspects of Their Being.
— Diana Mund on the Mission Statement of Bella Vista Natural Therapies