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Iridology Courses

Upcoming Dates
Saturday 4th August 2-5pm -  Part 1
Saturday 5th September 2-5pm -  Part  2

They are suitable for students, graduates or general public that may have a keen interest in Iridology. 
The seminars are CPE approved. 

Introduction To Iridology  Part 1

All participants will receive a chart of photos from the Dorothy Hall College Of Herbal Medicine
-History of constitutions
-Eye Colours
-Different styles of Iridology
-Questions and answers

Iridology in Practice Part 2 

-Significance of Iridology.
-Birds Eye View
-Powerful tool for Compliance ( evidence)
-Reading the Recordings
-Taking the photo or using a torch
-Iris Signs
-Herbal Indications
-Practice e/o
-Questions and answers

To bring:
An open mind,  note book, board to support note book, highlighter, hand held iris torch, (you may want to buy together pre-seminar and receive a better price) 

For 2 seminars $360 cash, early bird $340 

Mentoring Program

The program includes a series of group workshops as well as the opportunity for individuals to observe Athena-Diana in consultation.
Tailor your experience by booking workshops individually or book the entire series for a discounted price of $780.

Workshop One:
2-Day Workshop: Includes dispensing herbal formulas, dosing, and supplements (a mine field) and how to navigate this area.
Cost: $300

Workshop Two:
2-Day Workshop: Includes all aspects of administration, including online presence.
Cost: $220

Workshop Three:
Two half days or one full day of sales and marketing workshops.
Cost: $200

Worshop Four:
A half-day golden keys and insights workshop.
Cost: $100

Individual consultation observations: 
Join Athena-Diana in the clinic for invaluable consultation experience.
Cost: Complimentary for workshop participants (must have previously completed workshops one and two). 

Testimonials for our mentoring program:
"Finding a naturopath who will mentor you can be difficult. Finding one who is passionate, knowledgeable and has a great dispensary - all the more challenging."  

What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I know.
— Chinese Proverb

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