• 1 Attitude is everything and everything is Attitude - mind is mighty, thought happens first.
  • 2 Have regular checks with a health professional while you are well. Prevention is better then cure. “Your health is your wealth”
  • 3 Eat like a King at breakfast, a Prince at lunch, a Pauper at night - The body’s acid cycle is highest before 2pm.
  • 4 Avoid ham, pork, aspartame, 951,954 saccharine, MSG 621, all carbonated drinks, micro-waved food and margarine.
  • 5 Listen to your body, it is intelligent, right now your heart is beating automatically how grand is that?
  • 6 Surround yourself with people that want to grow and take responsibility for their health and life. People that ask more of you than you ask of yourself.
  • 7 Know that you are here to create the unknown; we automatically keep creating the known unless we choose to change.
  • 8 You are unique, what you think brings mass into matter (Quantum Physics). Your frequency makes up the whole and it matters.
  • 9 Be willing to give up what ever is holding you back - that is no stories it is just a belief.
  • 10 Let your food be your medicine.
Our Mission Statement is

”To Support Our Clients In Building Better

Health In All Aspects of Their Being.”