"Finding a Naturopath who will mentor you can be difficult. Finding one who is passionate, knowledgable and has a great dispensary - all the more challenging."


"Whilst studying Naturopathy, I was always determined to get outside experience and exposure to ensure I had a more rounded understanding and approach to not only Naturopathy but also clinic management.

Diana and her team were welcoming and the herbal dispensary was huge! I was exposed to so many aspects of running a successful business and such a wide array of clients.

I learnt more about herbal medicine and the use of supplements, bach flower remedies and iridology to name just a few.

I found the experience so helpful and felt that the mentoring Diana provided has made me a better Naturopath today! "


"Diana is extremely proactive and generous in passing on her extraordinary wealth of knowledge, particularly in the area of herbal medicine. I truly believe I will be a better practitioner for having spent this time with her."



To Support Our Clients In Building Better Health In All Aspects of Their Being.
— Diana Mund on the Mission Statement of Bella Vista Natural Therapies